02 April 2011

Back Issues - The Terrible Zodin # 9 (Winter 2010)

Back issue TTZ9 is still available for free download.


Click here to download The Terrible Zodin #9 (Winter 2010)


Christmas for the Doctor & Leela: Front cover art by Amy Humphries
Unavailable No Longer!: Article by Matthew Kresal
Death of the Doctor: Review by Astrid Lopez
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the First Doctor: Article by Tony Cross
Back to the '80s: Article by Barnaby Edwards
Some Beach, Somewhere: Prose fiction by Matthew Kresal
Interview with Archie the Space Badger: Humour by Simon Guerrier
Theta Stigma Part 1: Article by Hannah Rothman
Mannequins, Reptiles, Astronauts and Primords: Article by Matthew Kresal
The Tweet Vortex 2 - Electric Boogaloo: Humour by Will Forbes
Blog High for Happiness: Column by Steven Sautter
Accustomed to Her Face: Article by Leslie McMurtry
Anything Gorgeous: Article by Aya Vandenbussche
Raston Warrior Robots vs Weeping Angels: Article by Jamie Beckwith
Captain Jack: Comic Strip by Akabeko
Move Over Mario!: Review by Will Forbes
Doctor Who Live: Review by Adam J. Purcell
Time, Casuality and the Doctor: Article by Will Forbes
My Adventure with the Doctor Part 1: Poetry by Alies Brunisma
Doctor Who and the Archers: Article by Leslie McMurtry
The TTZ Interview: Interview with Una McCormack
Once is Never Enough: Prose fiction by Leslie McMurtry
The Magic of November 1981: Article by Barnaby Edwards
Peter Cushing IS The Doctor!: Column by Susie Who
Back2theWhoture Part 5 - The Keys of Marinus, The Romans & The Fires of Pompeii: Doctor Who marathon edited by Jamie Beckwith
Roman Cutaway & Byzantium!: Review by Steven Sautter
The World Shapers: Review by Jon Arnold
The Fires of Vulcan: Review by Leslie McMurtry
No! Not the Mind Probe: Debate edited by Jamie Beckwith featuring Leslie McMurtry and Steven Sautter
The Fanzine Trap: Reviews by Jamie Beckwith
Tegan Jovanka: Paper dolls by Leslie McMurtry
Journey's Start: Article by Melissa Levesque
The Christmas Gnomes: Article by Steven Alexander
Doctor Who Christmas Memories: Nostalgia edited by Leslie McMurtry
Homo Reptilia: Back cover by Matt Harris

Also released alongside TTZ9

TTZ9 Presents Doctor Who Logopoly

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