31 January 2010


My 200 word recommendation for TTZ6 is Rob Shearman's The Chimes of Midnight. What's yours? Do send them in!

25 January 2010

Time is running out ...

Just a reminder that the deadline for TTZ6 is March 1st. Better get cracking!!

14 January 2010

2010 and stuff

  • We've been playing with the colors and layout.
  • We've picked a deadline for the next issue. It is MARCH 1ST.
  • Our theme for the next issue is the Eighth Doctor. You, too, can participate: After the success of the 200 Words Recommendation in TTZ4 where contributors old and new nominated a story from the classic series for new fans to try, TTZ6 will also have a similar article, this time we're asking you to recommend your favourite story for someone coming new to the 8th Doctor should try. As he's the most multi-media of the Doctors there's a wide range to pick from, whether it's the novels, the short stories, the comic strip, the audio plays or even the remake of Shada. Of course maybe you're dying to recommend the TV movie!

    Please do send approximately 200 words on your chosen story (See TTZ4 if you'd like an idea of the range of style and comments we made last time)
    to theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk but please let us know which story you're doing so we avoid duplication (you can do this here on the blog or on the Facebook group).