03 February 2011

Submissions sought for Issues 10 & 11

The team at TTZ are "double banking" (Get us!) and so production is underway on both issues 10 and 11 of The Terrible Zodin, the first due for publication in April, the second likely in July.

Issue 10 is our The War Games special. We're currently looking for anyone interested in writing a retrospective of Philip Madoc's various roles in Doctor Who as well as any articles on anything related to The War Games. Please contact us with your ideas so we can be sure they don't clash with anything already commissioned.

We're also actively seeking artwork but would note in keeping with the Troughton theme, we're experimenting with TTZ10 being in monochrome.

For Back2theWhoture we'll be watching The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang and The Time Meddler and your comments on this stories are welcomed.

The deadline for TTZ10 is 13th March 2011.

Issue 11 is our Comic Strips special. We're interested in articles focusing on any of the Doctors adventures in this medium from TV Action to Countdown to DWM to DWA to IDW and webcomics and beyond!

We'll be running our popular The Mighty 200 series so actively welcome your 200 words recommendations of your favourite comic strip story. See TTZ4 or TTZ6 for guidance as you can see how this series has tackled classic Who and the adventures of the 8th Doctor

We'd also quite like to run some original one shot comic strips in TTZ11, if this is something you're interested in get in touch.

For Back2theWhoture we'll be watching The Time Warrior and The Crusades.

We've not lined up a story for No! Not the Mind Probe! in this issue so if you'd like to consign your worst story to be deleted from history forever let us know and we'll set it up! (See TTZ9 if you're not already familiar with N!NTMP!)

Deadline for TTZ11 tbc.

As ever the themes for each issue are guidelines only and to help stimulate and encourage the creative juices, not act as a straight jacket. If you'd rather write an article on why Dodo is the best companion ever, wax lyrical about the Tetraps or construct a thesis on the 10th Doctor's sexy specs be our guest!

Last but by no means least there has been some discussions on whether or not we do a spin-off sister zine which is fanfic only. We'll only consider this is it seems there's an audience for it so let us know if you like the idea.

Email theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk or message any of the editing team here or on facebook or twitter.