30 December 2011

Back Issues - The Terrible Zodin # 12 (Fall 2011)

Back issue TTZ12! is still available for free download.

Click here to download The Terrible Zodin #12 (Fall 2011)

70s Doctor Who: Front cover art by Marc D. Lewis
Nicholas Courtney & Elisabeth Sladen: Tributes by David Keep, Matthew Kresal, Marcus Judge, David Southwell, Melissa Beattie, William Forbes, David Cross and Alies Bruinsma
A Young Old Face: Article by Aya Vandenbussche
Games Without Frontiers: Article by Tony Cross
Private Lives: Column by Tony Gallichan
Petty Obsessions: Article by Jamie Beckwith
K9 & Company: Review by William Forbes
Pyramids of Mars: Filk by Steven Sautter
What Didn't Happen to Sarah Jane: Article by Leslie McMurtry
Back on Target: Article by Alisdair Shaw
Alone in Time and Space: Article by Matthew Kresal
Journies Part 2: Article by Jamie Beckwith
Do You Remember the Seventies?: Article by Andrew Blair
The Pigbin Josh Family Tree: Humor by Leslie McMurtry
Nightmare of Eden: Review by Jamie Beckwith
The Lost Game: Article by Matthew Kresal
The Lost Days of Sarah Jane Smith: Article by Steven Sautter
Companions: Comic strip by Alisdair Shaw and Jim Wilkins
Doctor Who at the Cartoon Museum: Review by Tony Keen
Knit: Comic strip by Kian
No! Not the Mind Probe: Debate edited by Jamie Beckwith featuring Leslie McMurtry and Craig Hanson
Blog High for Happiness: Column by Steven Sautter
More New Adventures Recommendations: Review compilation edited by Jamie Beckwith
Doctor Who Experiences Revisted: Article by Stephen Candy
Jo Grant: Paper dolls by Leslie McMurtry
Single White Who Fan: Review by Jamie Beckwith
Angels in the Shadows: Review by Hannah Rothman
A Christmas Inception: Article by William Forbes
The Fourth Doctor: Back cover art by The Chris of Fenric!