26 June 2011

More Key to Time

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"Pirate Planet" and "Stones of Blood" reviews from me.


20 June 2011

The Ribos Operation eps1-4

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I personally do my reviews per story not per episode (usually) so if you have any interest on my take please see my other blog.


19 June 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary New Adventures

Timewyrm: Genesys was first published on 20th June 1991.

Happy Anniversary New Adventures! For many of us they kept the flame of Doctor Who alive during the so called Wilderness Years. There was plenty of fun and creativity in that wilderness as Paul Cornell himself expounds on in his interview with us (See TTZ7 & 8).

For me I became a fan in 1988 and thus just as I got in to the show it was cancelled. The New Adventures kept me interested and I had the joy of exploring both the back catalogue of Doctors prior to mine as well as having new printed adventures for Seven. What more could I ask for?

We celebrated the New Adventures back in issue 8 of The Terrible Zodin with Tony Gallichan expounded on the background of the creativy explosion from the vantage point of his seat in the Fitzroy Tavern, Barnaby Edwards gives a heartfelt overview of the series and several contributors reviewed their favourite novel for us (see the list of contents below)

So why not celebrate 20 years of the New Adventures by perusing back issue TTZ8 (Click here)



Timewyrm: Genesys reviewed by Daniel Gee
Timewyrm: Exodus reviewed by Stephen Candy
Timewyrm: Revelations reviewed by Matthew Kilburn
Cats Cradle Trilogy reviewed by Verity~C
Nightshade reviewed by Stuart Wallace
Love and War reviewed by Tony Cross
Transit reviewed by Scott Harrison
The Highest Science reviewed by Jamie Beckwith
The Pit reviewed by Jon Arnold
Birthright reviewed by R. S. Konjek
Iceberg reviewed by Joe Monticello
Blood Heat reviewed by Lee Wells
Conundrum reviewed by Jamie Beckwith
No Future reviewed by Jeff Elston
All-Consuming Fire reviewed by Jon Arnold
Blood Harvest / Goth Opera reviewed by Lori Jansen
Sanctuary reviewed by Steven Sautter
Head Games reviewed by Lori Jansen
The Also People reviewed by Jamie Beckwith
Christmas on a Rational Planet reviewed by Lawrence Burton
Cold Fusion reviewed by Steven Sautter
Damaged Goods reviewed by Jon Arnold
So Vile a Sin reviewed by Aaron George
Lungbarrow reviewed by Matthew Kresal
The Dying Days reviewed by Steven Sautter
The Algebra of Ice reviewed by Lori Jansen
Genius Loci reviewed by Paul Castle

We'll be doing a follow up feature in TTZ12 so if you're interested in reviewing your favourite NA novel email us at theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk for the list of ones still available.

The Ribos Operation Parts 2 - 4

We've not forgotten our Key to Time quest dear readers and indeed have now watched up to the end of The Pirate Planet, but as I'm sure you know how it is; real life gets in the way from working late at the office or getting delayed home when the transport system grounds to a halt.

But enough of that. The Ribos Operation was a pretty good story overall. My first introduction to this story was Ian Marter's novelisation which I've never finished because frankly it's extremely dull and turgid. Thankfully it's screen counterpart was nothing of the sort and full of a breezy energy. All the guest stars are really giving it their all and Robert Holmes is the master of painting larger than life characters. The warmth with which Iain Cuthbertson plays Garron makes him a loveable rogue who deserved to come back and is definitely a precursor to Glitz (and a superior one at that, Tony Selby made Glitz too cuddly when the character was supposed to be far more morally ambigous).

It's Nigel Plaskitt however who really shines. Overshadowed a bit in the first episode he comes his own in the rest of the story and contrast the comedic way in which he plays a Riban bumpkin with the scringe stone to the compassion he shows to Binro the Heratic when on the run from the authorities. Whilst the introduction of Binro could seem like padding, especially as it doesn't really impact on the plot overall, it's masterly in fleshing out a convincing history of Ribos in a way that other info dumping stories can only envy. No "It was on the planet Ribos when my old enemy the Black Guardian...." nonsense here.

I take back my criticism of the Shrivenzale from the previous entry. In the scenes in the catacombs the suitably dark atmosphere means they're not so obviously plastic and rubbish and they do seem like quite the formidable critter and could probably hold their own against a Magma Beast.

I won't spoil the ending for those who've not seen this story yet but if you thought the Seventh or Tenth Doctors were the ones to be scared of, think again.


More The Ribos Operation reviews over at The Patient Centurion Blog

08 June 2011

The Ribos Operation Part 1

I liked it for the most part.

I still think the concept of the Guardians of Time is pretty naff. What do they actually do eh? If the White Guardian is so powerful he can pluck the TARDIS out of the vortex, why can't the Black Guardian? Kudos however to Tom Baker's restrained performance in those scenes as it highlights just how much of a powerful being the White Guardian is supposed to be when given this due deference. There is though that wonderfully understated lin where the Doctor wonders about the conseqences of refusing to gon the quest. "Nothing."


"Nothing. Ever."

Romana makes an interesting addition to the TARDIS crew and there is a lot of comic potential for her relationship with the Doctor. This is only my second viewing of this story (indeed of this season) and so I am more used to the Lalla Ward incarnation. Mary Tamm does a good job of making Romana likeable inspite of the antagonism suggested by the script.

Good performances from all of the supporting cast but particularly Iain Cuthbertson as Garron and Paul Seed as the Graff Vynda-K.

I know we shouldn't try to be too harsh about the standards of special effects but the Shrivenzale.... oh dear. Can there be a worse Doctor Who monster? Ok yes I know the Taran Wood Beast will rear its ugly head later this season!

A fun little opening episode and look forward to the rest of the story.

06 June 2011

The Key to Time

Well so what did you all think of the latest half season of Doctor Who?! Were you at the edge of your seat, punching the air with excitment or were you muttering darkly in to your cup of tea "Worst. Season. Ever."?

Whichever it was we've now a summer ahead of us until the completely bonkers sounding Lets Kill Hitler! so we're going to fill the gap by watching The Key to Time series.

For those uninitiated The Key to Time was season 16 of the original series, first broadcast in 1978 and comprising six stories (26 episodes in total). Starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Mary Tamm as his companion Romana and of course the voice of John Leeson as everyone's favourite K9, that season saw the Doctor travelling all over the galaxy on a quest for the legendary Key to Time which would restore the natural balance of the universe which was threatening to slide in to chaos.

Whether you're a new series fan who has never dipped in to the classic series before or an old pro by all means feel free to join us. We're going to watch an episode a weeknight starting tonight with The Ribos Operation part 1 (reviewed the following day).

And of course in July we should be getting a new series of Torchwood so between the two of them that should be our summer sorted until the show returns in the autumn.

Leave your comments here, or join the discussions on our facebook page or engage with us on Twitter. Look forward to hearing from you and if these episodes are brand new to you (as some of them will be to us) we really hope you enjoy.

Give Us Your Children

TTZ contributor Aya Vandenbussche has started a new TV & Film blog over at Notorious Vandenbussche. To kick start her off she has reprinted "Give Us Your Children", an article that first appeared in The Terrible Zodin #8 and examined the Holocaust imagery as used in RTD's writing, predominantly in Torchwood: Children of Earth but in other stories too such as Planet of the Ood and Turn Left.

Highly recommended.