28 September 2011

The Terrible Zodin # 12 (Fall 2011)

With apologies (again!) for the delay.

The Terrible Zodin # 12 is now available for free download for your delight and edification.

This issue we take a look at Doctor Who in the 1970s and pay tribute to Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen. We've Axons and Mandrels galore and the Master pops up too (of course!)

Also this issue we visit the exhibition at the Cartoon Museum, take a look at the Graceless spin-off series and compare A Christmas Carol to Inception. Vincent and the Doctor gets the No! Not the Mind Probe! treatment and we follow up on our recommendations of New Adventure novels.

All this plus the usual fun and games and a gorgeous front cover by Marc D. Lewis. It's thanks to our willing band of writers and contributors that there's an issue to read at all so please let us know what you think.

Next issue we'll be taking a look at Season 6 (Smith not Troughton). We're open for submissions so if you fancy being involved with the zine please drop us a line here, on Twitter/Facebook or by emailing theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk


Click here to download The Terrible Zodin #12 (Fall 2011)

25 September 2011

Back Issues - The Terrible Zodin # 11 (Summer 2011)

Back issue TTZ11! is still available for free download.


Click here to download The Terrible Zodin #11 (Summer 2011)

Magenta Pryce: Front cover art by Dan McDaid
Series 6 Premiere: Press launch report by Paul Hawkins & Mikeala MacDonald
Doctor Who and the New York Invasion: Press launch report by Barnaby Edwards
Interview with Magenta Pryce: Humor by Dan McDaid
Blog High For Happiness: Column by Steven Sautter
A Madman with a Paintbox: Article and artwork by Kris Carter
Evolution of a Comix Artists: Article and artwork by Leslie McMurtry
Doctor Who and the Pen Shop Adventure: Comic strip by Leslie McMurtry with thanks to Paul Castle
SOS: Comic strip by Mike Daws
Morrisons Who: Article by Matthew Kresal
Alan Moore and the Autons: Article by Nicolas Pillai
Why I Watch Doctor Who: Article by Abby Peck with thanks to Danny Gee
Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman: Review by Paul Castle
So Just How Old Is The Doctor?: Article by Barnaby Edwards
Comics 200: Review compilation edited by Jamie Beckwith
Peter Cuahing IS The Doctor: Column by Susie Who
The Man From UNIT: Comic strip by Nicolas Pillai
Raiders of the Lost Archive: Comic strip by Jamie Beckwith, Tony Cross and Leslie McMurtry
The Charitable Doctor: Article by William Forbes
Read The Book: Comic strip by Hannah Rothman and Kaleigh Chambers
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Our Big Fat Doctor Who Wedding: Article by Lance Kidd and Evan Keraminas-Kidd
Norman Jones - Once, Twice, Three Times a Guest Star: Article by Tony Cross
Journies: Article by Jamie Beckwith
The Tragical History of Doctor Who: Article by Steven Sautter
Graphic Adventures: Article by Jamie Beckwith
Screen Time: Comic strip by Jackson Dyer
The Times They Are A'Changing: Comic strip by Robert Beckwith
A Skirmish of Wit: Review by Jamie Beckwith
The Unsilent Library: Review by David MacGowan
A Romance in 12 Parts: Review by Jon Arnold
The Back Up Strips: Article by Paul Castle
No! Not the Mind Probe: Debate edited by Jamie Beckwith featuring Jon Arnold and Leslie McMurtry
The TTZ Interview: Interview with Terrance Dicks (Part 2)
Back2theWhoture Part 7 - The Time Meddler & The Time Warrior: Doctor Who marathon edited by Jamie Beckwith
The Danger to Come: Article by Lee Wells
Doctor Who Experiences Revisted: Article by Stephen Candy
The Fanzine Trap: Reviews by Jamie Beckwith
Izzy Sinclair: Paper dolls by Leslie McMurtry
The Hand of Fear: Review by Alies Bruinsma
She Walks In Beauty: Tribute by Leslie McMurtry
The Advenutures of the Raggedy Doctor and Amelia Pond: Back cover art by Deborah Taylor