02 August 2013

What's she doing here?!


Apologies for the long silence!

The Terrible Zodin just keeps humming along, and we have another issue (our sixteenth, in fact) due out probably in October.  We are currently looking for submissions from anyone about anything (well, Doctor Who-related and do keep in mind that we try to be a family-friendly magazine).  Already there have been some smashing ideas for articles, and I've sent my gnome on a tricycle round to deviantART to scout out the best Doctor Who art there by talented individuals.  But we could always use more of each, so please do get in touch if you have an idea!

  • E-mail us at theterriblezodinezine AT yahoo.co.uk
  • Find us on Twitter @terriblezodin
  • Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/34701043842/
  • in "The Five Doctors" ... :-D
Also, do keep in mind that the deadline is SATURDAY 7 SEPTEMBER!

We look forward to hearing from you.