23 November 2023

The Terrible Zodin Issue 25 . . . 15 years in the making! Now available for download!

Happy anniversary, Doctor Who!  It's been 60 years since Doctor Who first appeared on our screens.  

It's also been 15 years since The Terrible Zodin fanzine debuted.  Download our last issue here--there's plenty to enjoy!  

  • Interviews with FailWhale34 and Dr. Erin Macdonald
  • 60 Great Things about Doctor Who as decided by our contributors
  • Material on Terrance Dicks and his writing career outside of Doctor Who
  • Short fiction by Matthew Kilburn, Matthew Kresal, Nathan Mullins, and Mike Morgan 
  • What it's like to get inside a Dalek
  • What do younger fans think about Doctor Who?:  interviews with four young fans
  • a TTZ retrospective
  • Doctor Who and employment law
  • The Pigbin Josh Collection on DVD
  • Front cover by Leslie McMurtry, back cover (and tons of art!) by Steven Sautter  
& much more!
Thanks to all of our contributors over the years, and we hope you enjoy this issue! 

13 April 2023

The Terrible Zodin issue 24 (Spring 2023)

"Time profresor, it is all a matter of time" - Count Scarlioni aka Scaroth, City of Death (1979)

We're back and it's about time too. With apologies for the lengthy wait, please find below a brand new issue of The Terrible Zodin.

Here you can find the mythology of Doctor Who canon, musings on the Thirteenth Doctor's relationship with The Fam, two original fanfics and a look at hats in Doctor Who.

Enjoy this penultimate issue of the zine and if you'd like to be involved in the final edition please get in touch

The Terrible Zodin issue 24

13 August 2021

The Terrible Zodin Issue 23 Summer 2021

Out of lockdown, into some (?) kind of normalcy, we bring you issue 23 of The Terrible Zodin!  Marvel at the fantastic artwork (including the return of the paper dolls)!  Find out what makes the mind of a Big Finish writer tick in our interview with Rob Valentine!  We have reviews of TV, books, and audio dramas.  Jamie Beckwith takes Doctor Who around the world, and Matthew Kresal tells Virginia that yes, there are pre-Hartnell Doctors (and foregrounds what is possibly Steven Sautter's best piece of artwork for TTZ yet!).  Come on, Fam, join us in downloading issue 23!

The issue can be downloaded (right click, save as) here

14 July 2020

The Terrible Zodin 22 - Summer 2020

It's back and it's about time too!

Issue 22 of The Terrible Zodin is now available to download for free here.

This issue takes an in depth look at the Thirteenth Doctor era to date as well as giving a fresh look at some classic series episodes. We talk about how Doctor Who and its fandom has kept us going during lockdown, and we present to you the best in original artwork and fanfiction.

In these pages you will find Space Bees from Mars, Hospital Ghosts, lots of statistics, Burn Gorman's chickens, Brigadier Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, spectrox toxemia, "Power of the Daleks" and even a pub quiz!

Please enjoy and please let us know what you think.

10 September 2018

TTZ 21--ready to download!

Here is the newest issue!

The Terrible Zodin 21 (right click to save)

In this issue, we anticipate Jodie Whittaker's tenure as the Doctor.  The rest is short and sweet!

Inside you can find tachyons, Target, and "Twice Upon a Time" . . . and much more besides!

15 July 2018

Call for contributors for 55th anniversary special edition

Issue 21 of The Terrible Zodin is being worked on as we speak and likely to be available to download for free in August.

Meanwhile we're looking ahead to the 55th anniversary and we're looking to produce a special edition side issue of classic series reviews aimed at interested people who have not yet or have only tentatively dipped in to the original stuff.

For the purposes of this edition our definition of classic series is every broadcast story between An Unearthly Child through to Survival, plus Shada and as a bonus Dimensions in Time, K9 & Company and the two Peter Cushing movies. Please also note that we count The Trial of a Time Lord as one 14 episode story.

Review length as a guideline should be minimum 500 words and maximum 2000 for a standard 4 - 6 part story, with leeway given for stories longer than this if needed.

Reviews will be assigned on a first come first served basis so if you're interested in writing something please also give us one or two back up choices as well.

We want this special edition to appeal to people who might be coming to the original series for the first time, especially off the back of falling in love with the Thirteenth Doctor, though we of course hope that more seasoned fans will also get something out of this.

For that reason we're also really asking you to step outside your comfort zone. Don't just pick your favourite story, that's too easy; pick one that you can champion and which lets you also see the story in a new light. If you love historicals pick one set in the future. If your favourite era is Pertwee, consider a Colin Baker and so on.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday 7 October 2018. You can email us at theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.com, DM us on twitter @TerribleZodin or interact with us on the Facebook group. We'll pin a thread on the Facebook thread with a live tally of which stories have already been picked.

Can't wait to hear from you

03 November 2017

Tin Pod #33 - Interview with The Terrible Zodin

Leslie and Jamie were recently interviewed about The Terrible Zodin and all things Doctor Who for Tin Pod Radio. It's now available to stream online at Tin Pod #33

Our thanks to Brian Williams for reaching out to us and we hope to get invited back one day.