02 April 2011

9:06 - An Ashes to Ashes fanzine

The Terrible Zodin is proud to present a sister zine 9:06 which looks at time travelling cop drama Ashes to Ashes. This actually came out just before Christmas but we've been so busy we forgot to erm plug it. So here you go!

Click here to follow the link to download

Warning: The 'zine contains spoilers on Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars

Table of Contents

Exclusive Gene/Drake front cover by Dan McDaid
Vita In Marte Est? - Comic strip by Melissa Beattie & Leslie McMurtry
If Not For the Nostalgia...? - article by Nia M.
From Mars to Ashes - Article by Elizabeth Campbell
Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us - Article by Melissa Beattie
All God Cops Go to Heaven - Article by "Smutpuppets"
Exclusive interview with actor Mason Kane (The Ghost PC)
Take a Look at the Law Man - Article by Will Forbes
Villanelle - Poetry by Leslie McMurtry
Gene Hunt Paper Dolls by Liz Wride
From the '80s Dictionary - Lingo by Craig Anderson
Dust to Dust - Article by Leslie McMurtry
Untitled - Poetry by Alies Bruinsma
The Gene Factor - Article by Elizabeth Campbell
Alone in Heaven - Poetry by Alies Bruinsma
Mad About the Eighties - Article by Leslie McMurtry
Uptown Girl - Article by Melissa Beattie
David Bowie - Article by Steven Sautter
Mix Tape - Compiled by Soph Hopkins
The Dead Seemed Dead and the Alive, Alive - Article by Leslie McMurtry
Exclusive interview with series creator Matthew Graham conducted by Gareth Kavangh
The Gene Limerick - Poetry by Leslie McMurtry

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