30 August 2012

The Terrible Zodin # 14 (Summer 2012)

Diddly dum diddly dum diddly dum diddly dum.....

It's the return of The Terrible Zodin with our brand spanking new bumper sized issue 14.

We've been on hiatus (For the good reason, that your Editor Leslie McMurtry is concentrating on her PHD, rather than a bad reason that the fanzine equivalent of Michael Grade has got it in for us!) but we couldn't leave you without at least one issue this year.

TTZ14 is dedicated to all things Doctor Who audio, the aural soundscapes of those unearthly worlds from incidental music to full cast Big Finish plays, and fan audios along the way. We've got Pescatons, Jago and Litefoot and A Death in the Family.

Also this issue we interview Paul Castle (Editor of Shooty Dog Thing); Fear Her gets the No! Not the Mind Probe! treatment and the Back2theWhoture team watch Marco Polo and the Masque of Mandragora.

Featuring all brand new writing and stunning artwork, issue 14 of The Terrible Zodin is a smorgasbord of original voices in the fandom of the Whoniverse.

Enough waffle, dive in, enjoy and please please send us feedback - good OR bad, we'd love to hear from you.

Till the next time.

Click here to download The Terrible Zodin #14 (Summer 2012)