30 October 2009


Yes, it will soon be a year since TTZ's very first issue. And what a year. It was a little lean on Doctor Who proper, but we had Torchwood and now Sarah Jane to keep us happy. And very soon "Waters of Mars"!

TTZ5 we hope will be similarly spectacular, but first we need submissions! Please send yours in by 15 November!

12 October 2009

TTZ5 deadline

Soon it will be a year since the very first TTZ came out, and it will be time for Doctor Who's 46th birthday.

In anticipation of this, the deadline for submissions to TTZ5 is 15 November. Please send me your ideas, articles, and art, by e-mailing scots_rock_god (at) msn.com.

Or you can message me on Facebook. Or write on the group wall or the discussion board.

Or you can comment here.