27 May 2009

TTZ3 is bombastically endowed!

Hello all,

Thank you for your help making TTZ possible. Issue 3 is already bursting at the seams with new art and articles from writers and artists you've seen before--and some you haven't. Among them:
  • An interview with composer Alistair Lock
  • Victoria Waterfield Paper Dolls
  • Fiction by Karen Dunn
  • Sherlock Holmes meets the Doctor

and much more.

Please don't let that discourage you from submitting, though. What you write will get read, and if we don't have room for it this time, we'll get it in next time!


10 May 2009

deadline extended, hooray

Hello all,

The deadline for submissions to TTZ3 has been moved from 24 May to 31 May, in hopes that we will all find life a little easier. Please send me your stuff on or before 31 May, then. Muchas gracias.

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