02 October 2010

The Terrible Zodin # 8 (Autumn 2010)

Ladies, Gentlemen, Trees and Multiforms it is with great pleasure that I announce Issue 8 of The Terrible Zodin is now live and available for free download.

Apologies that we're 2 days behind the promised date, I won't bore you with the technical details of the problems we have but must crave your indulgence that anything past Page 73 will be prone to the occasional typo. We will in time upload a corrected version being the perfectionists that we are but now you're all terribly excited to just get on and read!

This issue is dedicated to the period between production of TV series 1990 - 2003. Whilst many call it The Wilderness Years I hope this issue proves it was anything but. Indeed I hope you're sitting comfortably because TTZ8 is a whopping Target novelization sized 104 pages!

We bring you the concluding part of our interview with Paul Cornell and have a new exclusive interview with Lance Parkin. We sing the praises of the New Adventures, debate canon, dissect the theme tune and throw ourselves in to the Timelash!

Regular columnists Tony Gallichan and Steve Sautter are on board and we're pleased to announce a new member to join their roster, the mysterious Susie Who who'll be coming from the perspective of a casual viewer rather than a hardcore fan.

I could go on and on (I've not mentioned Adric, Ianto, Drashigs, Fitz and fellow fanzines) but why not just read it yourself.

Please click below to download this issue and get ready... for the Cyberman Walk.


We experienced some technical difficulties. People seem to be able to access if they right click to download so please try that rather than trying to read in browser. Thank you all for your patience.

The Terrible Zodin # 8


Anonymous said...

Great TTZ! It's getting huge! But there's never a TTZ too huge, ever!

Did notice that my CE drawing wasn't included. You probably had your reasons I guess. Or you'd forgotten about it :P

Le Mc said...

Ah, that was partially my fault. We will definitely hold it over for TTZ9 if that's okay with you?

cackle_jr said...

Hello Alies,

I thought your awesome 9 art was to go with your article in TTZ9 and I'm really looking forward to seeing both.

Draculasaurus said...

looks like yall've exceeded your bandwidth. it won't let me down load it again.
On the bright side= Congratulations on getting enough people to download it to exceed the bandwidth!

cackle_jr said...

Just upgraded the account so it should now be available again. Thanks for the heads up Drac.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's down again. Any idea when it'll be back up?

cackle_jr said...

I've uploaded a new copy, hopefully that's sorted it out now!