07 October 2010

Bandwidth! Comfy Chair! Give Us Your Money!

Well it looks like we exceeded our bandwidth in less than 7 days!

Fear not though dear readers as due to the increased demand (which is all very humbling), we've upgraded our account and you should once again be able to download TTZ8 and indeed, the 7 back issues as well!

If you enjoyed the zine, please do give us some feedback.

Several readers have contacted us and asked whether we'd consider doing paper copies of the zine. Well I guess that's down to YOU! Let us know if you would be willing to pay (production and postage costs only) for a paper version of TTZ and whether you'd pay for that full color or black and white. It's that feedback which will determine whether it's an option we pursue. Comments here or to theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk please.

In the meantime our Editor Leslie McMurtry has been moonlighting as a new columnist for US webzine Comfy Chair. Check out The Cranky Yank In Doctor Who Land!

Finally we've been given a little mini review on the Fish Fingers & Custard home page.


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