22 March 2010

Reviews of the new series for TTZ7

With TTZ6 done, we're (as ever) turning our attention to TTZ7!

By the time that issue is out in early July, the new series of Doctor Who with Matt Smith will be a memory. In the meantime, we are asking new-ish viewers of the show to contribute short reviews to be published in TTZ7. We need 13 reviewers and currently have ten people signed up. We have been soliciting from the group itself on Facebook, but in case you're not there (and why not?) we're publicizing for it here as well.

If you are a newer fan and would like the chance to review one of the episodes of the 2010 series, get in touch with us either at the e-mail, theterriblezodinezine(at)yahoo.co.uk, comment on this blog, or find us on Facebook.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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