16 March 2010

can it be?

We've had technical difficulties. And that's putting it politely. This problem is officially unsolved, but I've figured out a way around it for the time being, long enough to put up this 99.9% correct edition of TTZ6. It's had three pairs of eyes reading over it in detail this time, and despite the woes of Word all articles and art seem to be accounted for. If we, the editing staff, notice anything huge and honking we will take the PDF down and attempt to fix it.

However, try not to let that dampen your read. Here is what's in it:


-Interview (part 1) with Rob Shearman. Surprise!
-Interview with Lloyd Rose
-Articles on the Eighth Doctor, his companions, and several 200-word recommendations for great Eighth Doctor stories you shouldn't miss
-Article on the Time War
-Article on the unavailability of the TVM in the States
-Article on multiple-Doctor companions
-Two pieces of Eighth Doctor fiction
-Article on "Wormwood"
-Jamie McCrimmon paper dolls
-and an article from Paul Shooty Dog Thing Castle!

We have new writers (Matthew Kresal, Adrian Loder among them)
Krys Nelson, Lydia Butz, Lia Parisi, and Danielle Ellison!!

So ... enjoy The Terrible Zodin 6!

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