23 November 2023

The Terrible Zodin Issue 25 . . . 15 years in the making! Now available for download!

Happy anniversary, Doctor Who!  It's been 60 years since Doctor Who first appeared on our screens.  

It's also been 15 years since The Terrible Zodin fanzine debuted.  Download our last issue here--there's plenty to enjoy!  

  • Interviews with FailWhale34 and Dr. Erin Macdonald
  • 60 Great Things about Doctor Who as decided by our contributors
  • Material on Terrance Dicks and his writing career outside of Doctor Who
  • Short fiction by Matthew Kilburn, Matthew Kresal, Nathan Mullins, and Mike Morgan 
  • What it's like to get inside a Dalek
  • What do younger fans think about Doctor Who?:  interviews with four young fans
  • a TTZ retrospective
  • Doctor Who and employment law
  • The Pigbin Josh Collection on DVD
  • Front cover by Leslie McMurtry, back cover (and tons of art!) by Steven Sautter  
& much more!
Thanks to all of our contributors over the years, and we hope you enjoy this issue! 

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