30 March 2013

The next issue of the Terrible Zodin

Hi, and how's everyone enjoying the new Doctor Who?

Life continues at its blinding pace at TTZ Towers, but we hope to have at least one brand-new issue of TTZ for you this 50th (!!) anniversary year. 

To give the most time possible to hypothetical contributors, we are setting the submission deadline as September 7, 2013.  This should give you plenty of time to come up with ANYTHING related to Doctor Who to send in for consideration.  We publish 99% of what is sent our way, so as long as it's family-friendly, why not give us a shot?  We are an inclusive Doctor Who fanzine and like getting different points of view.  We like looking at all eras, media, and fanon elements of the show.  We are looking for artwork, comics, poetry, and nonfiction articles.  We generally don't publish fan fiction, though we have been known to publish shorter pieces.

We'd love to hear from you.  The call out will start on Twitter and Facebook imminently.  And you can e-mail us at theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk. 

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