25 September 2011

Back Issues - The Terrible Zodin # 11 (Summer 2011)

Back issue TTZ11! is still available for free download.


Click here to download The Terrible Zodin #11 (Summer 2011)

Magenta Pryce: Front cover art by Dan McDaid
Series 6 Premiere: Press launch report by Paul Hawkins & Mikeala MacDonald
Doctor Who and the New York Invasion: Press launch report by Barnaby Edwards
Interview with Magenta Pryce: Humor by Dan McDaid
Blog High For Happiness: Column by Steven Sautter
A Madman with a Paintbox: Article and artwork by Kris Carter
Evolution of a Comix Artists: Article and artwork by Leslie McMurtry
Doctor Who and the Pen Shop Adventure: Comic strip by Leslie McMurtry with thanks to Paul Castle
SOS: Comic strip by Mike Daws
Morrisons Who: Article by Matthew Kresal
Alan Moore and the Autons: Article by Nicolas Pillai
Why I Watch Doctor Who: Article by Abby Peck with thanks to Danny Gee
Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman: Review by Paul Castle
So Just How Old Is The Doctor?: Article by Barnaby Edwards
Comics 200: Review compilation edited by Jamie Beckwith
Peter Cuahing IS The Doctor: Column by Susie Who
The Man From UNIT: Comic strip by Nicolas Pillai
Raiders of the Lost Archive: Comic strip by Jamie Beckwith, Tony Cross and Leslie McMurtry
The Charitable Doctor: Article by William Forbes
Read The Book: Comic strip by Hannah Rothman and Kaleigh Chambers
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - Our Big Fat Doctor Who Wedding: Article by Lance Kidd and Evan Keraminas-Kidd
Norman Jones - Once, Twice, Three Times a Guest Star: Article by Tony Cross
Journies: Article by Jamie Beckwith
The Tragical History of Doctor Who: Article by Steven Sautter
Graphic Adventures: Article by Jamie Beckwith
Screen Time: Comic strip by Jackson Dyer
The Times They Are A'Changing: Comic strip by Robert Beckwith
A Skirmish of Wit: Review by Jamie Beckwith
The Unsilent Library: Review by David MacGowan
A Romance in 12 Parts: Review by Jon Arnold
The Back Up Strips: Article by Paul Castle
No! Not the Mind Probe: Debate edited by Jamie Beckwith featuring Jon Arnold and Leslie McMurtry
The TTZ Interview: Interview with Terrance Dicks (Part 2)
Back2theWhoture Part 7 - The Time Meddler & The Time Warrior: Doctor Who marathon edited by Jamie Beckwith
The Danger to Come: Article by Lee Wells
Doctor Who Experiences Revisted: Article by Stephen Candy
The Fanzine Trap: Reviews by Jamie Beckwith
Izzy Sinclair: Paper dolls by Leslie McMurtry
The Hand of Fear: Review by Alies Bruinsma
She Walks In Beauty: Tribute by Leslie McMurtry
The Advenutures of the Raggedy Doctor and Amelia Pond: Back cover art by Deborah Taylor

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