19 June 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary New Adventures

Timewyrm: Genesys was first published on 20th June 1991.

Happy Anniversary New Adventures! For many of us they kept the flame of Doctor Who alive during the so called Wilderness Years. There was plenty of fun and creativity in that wilderness as Paul Cornell himself expounds on in his interview with us (See TTZ7 & 8).

For me I became a fan in 1988 and thus just as I got in to the show it was cancelled. The New Adventures kept me interested and I had the joy of exploring both the back catalogue of Doctors prior to mine as well as having new printed adventures for Seven. What more could I ask for?

We celebrated the New Adventures back in issue 8 of The Terrible Zodin with Tony Gallichan expounded on the background of the creativy explosion from the vantage point of his seat in the Fitzroy Tavern, Barnaby Edwards gives a heartfelt overview of the series and several contributors reviewed their favourite novel for us (see the list of contents below)

So why not celebrate 20 years of the New Adventures by perusing back issue TTZ8 (Click here)



Timewyrm: Genesys reviewed by Daniel Gee
Timewyrm: Exodus reviewed by Stephen Candy
Timewyrm: Revelations reviewed by Matthew Kilburn
Cats Cradle Trilogy reviewed by Verity~C
Nightshade reviewed by Stuart Wallace
Love and War reviewed by Tony Cross
Transit reviewed by Scott Harrison
The Highest Science reviewed by Jamie Beckwith
The Pit reviewed by Jon Arnold
Birthright reviewed by R. S. Konjek
Iceberg reviewed by Joe Monticello
Blood Heat reviewed by Lee Wells
Conundrum reviewed by Jamie Beckwith
No Future reviewed by Jeff Elston
All-Consuming Fire reviewed by Jon Arnold
Blood Harvest / Goth Opera reviewed by Lori Jansen
Sanctuary reviewed by Steven Sautter
Head Games reviewed by Lori Jansen
The Also People reviewed by Jamie Beckwith
Christmas on a Rational Planet reviewed by Lawrence Burton
Cold Fusion reviewed by Steven Sautter
Damaged Goods reviewed by Jon Arnold
So Vile a Sin reviewed by Aaron George
Lungbarrow reviewed by Matthew Kresal
The Dying Days reviewed by Steven Sautter
The Algebra of Ice reviewed by Lori Jansen
Genius Loci reviewed by Paul Castle

We'll be doing a follow up feature in TTZ12 so if you're interested in reviewing your favourite NA novel email us at theterriblezodinezine@yahoo.co.uk for the list of ones still available.

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