23 November 2009

TTZ5-- happy anniversary!

Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! Happy anniversary, TTZ!

Check out the fascinating interview with DAN MCDAID (and his amazing art).

This issue sees several articles on boys, girls, and Doctor Who, from how Karen Dunn met her true love at a Doctor Who convention in Swindon, to how Evan Keraminas proved her Lance wasn't like the one in "Runaway Bride." And why Steven Sautter wishes he had two hearts. There's also how Jamie Beckwith and Lori Jansen, on opposite ends of the globe, made friends with fellow Doctor Who fans after years of solitude.

There's a bumper edition of Back2theWhoture, a set of Sarah Jane Smith paper dolls, The Waters of Marzipan and Doctor Who A-Z.

And much much more!!

Download it here.

PS as the editor is bleary-eyed and exhausted due to completely ignored deadlines, her own frenetic and punishing work schedule, and her ridiculous aspirations of perfection, typos will undoubtedly occur. Please POLITELY make her aware of them and she will take measures to fix them as soon as she can. Thank you for your patience and awareness that I am merely a human being after all.

Oh yeah . . .



Drake said...

And there was much rejoicing.

Le Mc said...

Was there? Great!

E.L.K. said...

Much rejoicing indeed! Terrific job, everyone :D