20 November 2010

Back Issues - The Terrible Zodin # 6 (Spring 2010)

Back issue TTZ6 is now back online and available for free download.


Click here to download The Terrible Zodin # 6 (Spring 2010)


Universe in a Bottle: Front cover art by Lori Jansen
The Gallifreyan Flutterwing: Article by Lori Jansen
The Time War: Article by Jamie Beckwith
Unavailable!: Article by Matthew Kresal
Personality Crisis: Article by Adrian Loder
Companions of the Eighth Doctor: Article edited by Leslie McMurtry
The TTZ Interview: Interview with Lloyd Rose
Width of a Circle: Prose fiction by Steven Sautter
200 x 8: Reviews edited by Leslie McMurtry
Oh, And You Won't Believe The Comic Strip: Article by Jamie Beckwith
Still Life: Prose fiction by Leslie McMurtry
The TTZ Interview: Interview with Rob Shearman (Part 1)
Back2theWhoture Part 3 - 100,000BC & Genesis of the Daleks: Doctor Who marathon edited by Jamie Beckwith
At Midnight Tonight!: Article by Paul Castle
Jamie McCrimmon: Paper dolls by Leslie McMurtry
Get The Shooty Dog Thing: Review by Jamie Beckwith
It Was a Warm Gallifreyan Night: Humour by Steven Sautter
Them?: Top 10 Doctors poll edited by Jamie Beckwith
The New Doctors: Back cover art by Leslie McMurtry

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