14 November 2010

Back Issues - The Terrible Zodin # 1 (Winter 2008)

Due to issues with our previous hosting site we've now moved elsewhere. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this ladies and gents.

So without further ado, I'm pleased to announce that we'll be making out back catalogue available again and if that weren't enough we're only a few weeks away from a brand new issue in December!


Click here to download The Terrible Zodin # 1 (Winter 2008)


45 Years of Doctor Who: Front cover art by Leslie McMurtry
TTZ Mission Statement: Editorial by Leslie McMurtry
The Tea's Getting Cold: Article by Jamie Beckwith
A Tennanty Comic: Comic strip written & illustrated by Liz Wride
Doctor Who Englyn & Limerick: Poetry by Leslie McMurtry
Dalek Cookie Party: Photos by Leslie McMurtry
The Crusade: Review by Ariann
The Not So Sinister Adaptation: Article by Jamie Beckwith
The Sea Devils: Artwork by Lori Jansen
Boding No Good Either to the Living or the Dead: Article by Leslie McMurtry
The Doctor and the Finn: Article by Johanna Ahonen
How Does A Cat Learn to Love Melon?: Prose fiction by Simon Guerrier
Proof Positive: Interview with Ben Aaronovitch
Down and Safe: Blake's 7 interlude by Tony Gallichan
Questions from the Rift: Speculation edited by Lori Jansen
As Long as Albert Didn't: Article by Leslie McMurtry
Leela: Paper dolls by Leslie McMurtry
Pimpin' the Brig: Naughtiness by Simon Guerrier
Regeneration Imminent!: Speculation edited by Leslie McMurtry
Who's In School: Article by Evan Keraminas
The Gardens of Skaro: Back cover art by Lori Jansen

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