11 March 2009

TTZ2 well on its way ...

TTZ2 is nearly in the can. In it, you will find
  • interviews with James Moran and Aimee Steinberger
  • art by Lori Jansen, Liz Wride, Leslie McMurtry, and Steven Sautter
  • a review of Gallifrey One: 20 to Life Convention
  • two sets of paper dolls (!)
  • a set of nifty bookmarks
  • a look at the history of regeneration
  • song parodies and filk
  • articles on environmentalism, the Daleks, the Face of Boe, how Joss Whedon might produce Who, & much much more

All for free & all coming soon. Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Yay! It's done. Time to sleep now?

Le Mc said...

Yes ... blegh.