14 March 2009

TTZ2 spring 2009 ... go go go!

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, here it is!

Please download the mag here,

followed by these awesome bookmarks Lori Jansen has included.

A note on errata: back in the day when I was on the staff of Scribendi Magazine, we had a team of 11 poring over every word and design feature for the magazine multiple times. On TTZ, it's me and my assistant editor. I know I'll never get the copyediting perfect, so though I doubt it needs mentioning, I've done the best I can. If you spot an error, by all means comment here, comment on the Facebook group, or e-mail me at scots_rock_god@msn.com and I will fix it as soon as I am able.

Other than that, please enjoy! And most importantly, please query & contribute--the mag doesn't go without contributions, and I would love to hear from you all.

Many, many, many thanks to to the contributors and especially to Aimee Steinberger and James Moran.

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