06 June 2011

The Key to Time

Well so what did you all think of the latest half season of Doctor Who?! Were you at the edge of your seat, punching the air with excitment or were you muttering darkly in to your cup of tea "Worst. Season. Ever."?

Whichever it was we've now a summer ahead of us until the completely bonkers sounding Lets Kill Hitler! so we're going to fill the gap by watching The Key to Time series.

For those uninitiated The Key to Time was season 16 of the original series, first broadcast in 1978 and comprising six stories (26 episodes in total). Starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Mary Tamm as his companion Romana and of course the voice of John Leeson as everyone's favourite K9, that season saw the Doctor travelling all over the galaxy on a quest for the legendary Key to Time which would restore the natural balance of the universe which was threatening to slide in to chaos.

Whether you're a new series fan who has never dipped in to the classic series before or an old pro by all means feel free to join us. We're going to watch an episode a weeknight starting tonight with The Ribos Operation part 1 (reviewed the following day).

And of course in July we should be getting a new series of Torchwood so between the two of them that should be our summer sorted until the show returns in the autumn.

Leave your comments here, or join the discussions on our facebook page or engage with us on Twitter. Look forward to hearing from you and if these episodes are brand new to you (as some of them will be to us) we really hope you enjoy.

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