14 July 2010

the moment has been prepared for!

After a very long wait, TTZ7 is done and available for download.

This time around, we focus a bit on the most recent TV series, but there are lots of other treats, too. There is part two of the interview with Rob Shearman, part one of the interview with Paul Cornell, Raggedy Doctor & Amy paper dolls by Liz Wride, book reviews, and miscellaneous stuff. Of course we are really proud of the Panel of 13 which introduces new writers and LOTS of new artists.

I am really grateful to all the new artists, so let me just quickly give them a plug here: Jonny Eveson, Sharon Bautista, Simon Bromley, Alies Bruinsma, Draculasaurus, Michael Clarke, Michael Gilroy-Sinclair, Matt Harris, Daniela Illing, Lady Yate-xel, James Random, Hannah Rothman and Jessica Taylor (did I miss anyone?!).

Everyone involved was such a big help, so give yourselves a pat on the back.

You may notice that the footer/page numbering is different. The same bug with Word that I encountered last issue reared its ugly head, so the only way I could save the 51-page document was to paste it into a new file without the pre-existing footer/numbering system. It looks ugly but for the moment it will suffice. Sorry.

No doubt there are typos, widows, orphans, and mis-formatting; please alert me to these (in a polite fashion!). Better yet, do let us know what you think of this issue--good, bad, ugly, etc.

Thank you for reading and very much hope you enjoy.

Let me thank again my regular editing team (Lori Jansen, Steven Sautter, Jamie Beckwith, and Evan Keraminas) for their stellar help.

Am now going to sleep. My everything hurts. :-P


Matthew Kilburn said...

Well-deserved sleep, Leslie. It's a tremendous issue.

Draculasaurus said...

wow! lots of content.
looks great.

Le Mc said...

Thanks, everyone!

enjonze said...

fuckin' hell, man, could you have picked a LESS-reader-friendly font?!

MisterChinn said...

It's excellent. Thank You for all your hard work :) Perhaps the time is right for a Nightmare of Eden Special!!

E.L.K. said...

Woo hoo!

Kate Orman said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words about my thing in CDTL! I haven't had much feedback on it, so it was great to hear someone grooved on it. I had a blast pulling together all those separate threads of my experiences in fandom, and the editors were very gentle with me. :) The diverse perspectives and opinions in the book are a real strength - there's no monolithic fangirl POV.

(As for the font, it's fine, but justifying very narrow columns can inhibit readability. :)

Drake said...

Thanks for the feedback, Kate! After all, this is a learning experience.